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Gabriel Welch was born in Visalia, California. His parents were clowns and was hugely inspired by his unique upbringing. Given the Clown name Doodles for his need to constantly draw, Gabriel seemed born with the gift of artistic expression. His father was a sign painter and they sold comic books together at the local flea market. Much of his earliest work as a child was inspired by comics and cartoons. He began his journey through illustration and later inking and coloring characters before moving towards sculpture and painting. Gabriel works in a vast variety of mediums including oil painting, acrylic, clay, markers, aerosol and acrylics. His painting works were initially inspired by the impressionist such as Van Gogh and Monet. He focuses on mastering many styles and techniques within his work including surrealism, biomechanics, concept art, sci-fi, lettering, Art Nouveau and the list goes on and on. The most interesting thing about his style is in how he brings all these influences together into one style that has become recognizable worldwide.
He’s created a new genre of art called Expansionism. Which is a way of seeing the natural world and expanding upon it and even showing the internal interconnectedness of Nature and people.

As we move forward in time Gabriel Welch may later on be exonerated as one of the greatest visionaries of his time by art historians.

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